The Business

EMPOWERment™ Resource Technologies (ERT) is a consulting firm that partners with Organizations to accelerate business growth and produce performance breakthroughs.

Empowerment’s unique value proposition is in the application of business psychology to diagnose and prescribe strategies that accelerate business growth through staff transformation.

ERT was founded in 2004 by Lennard Asher with the objective of bridging the execution gap. ERT prides of diverse range of clients worldwide in diverse sectors.

We believe that we are on earth to design great education experiences. We are constantly focusing on innovating, we believe in the simple not the complex.


We aspire, to set new standards and inspire a transformational revolution.


To inspire you to do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are!

Positive Attitude -We believe in changing our perspective to exploit opportunities that present themselves as challenges.

Customer Oriented – By conducting in depth diagnosis, we deliver tailor – made training solutions to our clients.

Integrity – We conduct our business with integrity and commitment.

Innovation – To be competitive, we have to keep doing things differently, so we innovate.

Looking for a seasoned leadership trainer, empowerment speaker, and management Consultant?